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I started watching Gilmore Girls earlier this summer and found myself taking great comfort in the show. After a year of “Walking Dead”, “Fear the Walking Dead”, “True Detective Season 2” (wtf was going on in that season BTW?), “Game of Thrones” and “London Spy”, it was really nice to watch a show where every episode gets tied off at the end with a neat bow. “Gilmore Girls” is an American “Road to Avonlea” but not set in the early 20th century and with a whole lot more gay-jokes–but we love it anyway! Right? I mean we’re all looking forward to seeing the reunion this November, I’m sure. But still, there’s something about the show that always made me question whether it was one that I could get behind.

Kurt Vonnegut famously said: “Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for”. Well, I never know who exactly to root for on “Gilmore Girls”. The obvious answer is “RORY! 100-TIMES RORY” but sometimes I’m not so sure about that. Lorelai is just bleh..and the elder Gilmores often switch from being like-able to manipulative. So what are we supposed to do with these people? I don’t know if this blog will answer that question–but it’s the only way I could think of to bring myself some closure. And as a great man once said, “Sometimes, you’ve got to roll the hard-six.”

I’ll be posting a new review every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now until November 25th–just in time for the Nextflix Reunion.

So here we go! Gilmore Girls Reviewed.