Alright Alright Alright–sorry for the late posting ladies and gents but eggnog lattes don’t make themselves! What’s happening in Stars Hollow? Well, I don’t know where Emily and Laurelai’s therapy sessions are located but if it’s in Stars Hollow then it’s safe to say that the town really needs to hire better therapists, because Claudia shows a complete inability to get mother and daughter to communicate openly with one another.


Maybe it’s not her fault though..maybe that ship sailed a long time ago and whatever Laurelai and Emily have right now–imperfect as it is–might be the best that they’ll get. The crux of all this therapy is that Emily still hasn’t fully forgiven Lorelai for running out on her and Richard when she was sixteen, and Lorelai still harbors a lot of resentment for Emily and Richard’s unwillingness to accept her and her way of life.

To be honest, I think this whole plot line is shaky. I felt that Lorelai and the Elder Gilmores had resolved their issues over the course of the first 7 seasons and the writers for these revival episodes just didn’t know what else to do with them. Remember this?


Well, there’s no reason for it to have come full-circle. I miss Richard as much as anyone, but to use his passing as the impetus for renewed hostility between mother and daughter seems tacky.


In fact later on in this episode Emily will show that, once again, she is up to her old tricks. In this episode she will invite Luke over to dinner. Just Luke, no Lorelai. Lorelai comes anyway, but of course the dinner is just a front for Emily’s ulterior motive of sticking her nose into Luke’s business. And I don’t mean his personal business–I mean his Diner. Remember in Season five when Richard suggested that Luke franchise the diner? Well that sub-plot has been rehashed and blah blah blah let’s get to Rory.


Rory’s life is in a tail-spin. Her interview sessions with the alcoholic Naomi Shropshire have come to a grinding halt. What’s more, she is unable to get a meeting set up with a prominent England Newspaper and her best prospect is a Huffington Post wannabe news-site called “Sandeesays”. The very fact that Rory would even consider working for someone who aspires to out-do Huffington post should be raising some serious alarm bells. When she tells Logan that “Sandeesays” is expressing a lot of interest in her, Logan says that it might be a part of the company’s strategy to make themselves appear more legitimate, and so later on in this episode Rory will follow up with Sandeesays. Before we get to that though…



Yeah, Rory is still staying with Logan whenever she’s in London. Unfortunately his fiance is going to be moving to London soon and so if Rory and Logan want to maintain this clandestine relationship Rory will have to wait for him in hotel rooms. Which is pretty gross. I spoke with some friends of mine about how they felt about Logan in this season. We talked about whether or not Logan has changed at all in these reunion episodes, and the general consensus is that the only thing that has changed about Logan is the amount of time the actor playing him shows off his teeth.

Logan has never been perfect, but I’ve always admired him for the fact that he has never pretended to be anything but himself with Rory. Logan does Logan and if Rory is along for the ride, then that’s her trip. He is on auto-pilot, and more often than not our frustrations with their relationship ought to be directed at Rory for allowing herself to get taken along for the ride.


Fortunately, Rory has a constant reminder for why she and Logan would never work out, and that is in the puffy figure of Mitchum Huntzberger, Logan’s father.


Mitchum represents the worst aspects of the upper-crust world that Lorelai ran away from. Rory, a woman of two worlds, must eventually choose which world she wants to belong to, and it looks like at the end of this episode she will make her choice. But not before she hooks up with a man wearing a Wookie costume. Rory pursued some vapid story about “line-ups” in New York City and ends up interviewing people waiting in line for some kind of sci-fi convention. One things leads to another, yadda yadda yadda and Rory has sex with a Wookie. As you do.

Moving on:

Part of the charm of these reunion episodes is the amount of time we spend getting up to speed with what’s been happening in Starts Hollow. Kirk has made a new movie! It’s very strange, and not particularly funny. I mean, Kirk meant it to be serious which of course is what we’re supposed to find funny. But, if truth be told, I think Kirk would have made a much weirder movie than this. This just felt lazy. I would have gladly watched Kirk do the interpretive Dance to Koyaanisqatsi again, but you can’t always get what you want.

What else is going on? Well Starts Hollow is keen on hosting it’s first ever Gay Pride parade! If there was anything that could have shown that Stars Hollow has caught up with modern America it’s this. Unfortunately, as Taylor says during a meeting:


So they’ll have to postpone. Still it’s the thought that counts. Also Luke’s confusion over who is gay and who isn’t gay is a nice expression of the average man’s attempt to get up to speed with the rapidly changing perceptions of sexuality and gender. It’s not bigoted, just confused.


Also, Michel is gay! I honestly did not see that coming.  In Season 1, Episode 1 the show went out of it’s way to tell us that Michel is not French–not gay. Since then I always viewed him as a refined french gentleman who sweet talked the ladies, danced like a champion and dressed to kill each and every day. But the show needed someone we know and love to be gay so Michel it is! Sorry Donald, but I have no idea who you are and I don’t care.


Michel is also very upset with the what he sees as the stagnation of the Dragonfly Inn. He tells Lorelai that they’ve peaked and starts making moves to find employment elsewhere.


No worries you guys, Michel isn’t going anywhere.

Speaking of going away though. Still no sign of Sookie.


Oh well!

Anyway, Rory meets with Sandy from Sandeesays and soon finds out that she was just baited into the meeting. Over the phone Sandy hinted that Rory had only to say the word and then she’d have the job. Sandy ambushes Rory when she asks for pitches, which really seems like a reasonable request. Sandy sweetly tells Rory that they’re going to give the job to someone else.

So, now Rory has lost her job with Naomi, she’s been getting nowhere with the higher profile magazines that she’s been freelancing for, and now she can’t even get a job at a magazine that basically amounts to a low rent Huffington Post. Getting turned down from them is the straw that breaks Rory’s back. The last scene of the episode shows Rory entering the front door of the Gilmore Girls/ Danes house and announcing the fact that she’s  “moving home!”


Oh. Before we go. I just want to point out that in this episode we are introduced to Lane’s father…both Rory and Lane act like he’s always been there.


What the hell is this? Has he been living in the basement of Mrs. Kim’s antique store this whole time?! Also, Mrs. Kim is the leader of an all-Korean Christian Choir. She announces that they are all “fresh off the boat!” and that some of them are still getting used to having electricity at night. Here’s a picture of Seoul at night.


I am sure the writers aren’t that stupid and that they are playing up these stereotypes for the comedic value. Once again, and for the third time in this blog, here’s a picture of Mrs. Yunioshi from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”