Well, what can I tell you?

Life in the wide world goes on much as it has this past age. Full of it’s own comings and goings, and fully aware of the existence of Stars Hollow. For which we are very thankful.

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Yes indeed, The Gilmore Girls are back. For people who haven’t seen this show in a long time, I am sure that it must have been thrilling to hear those “la la las” once more, and to revisit the idyllic town of Stars Hollow. It is at the town’s iconic gazebo where we re-join the Gilmore Girls.

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This episode does a great job in getting us all up to speed on what’s been going on since Rory’s departure at the end of Season 7. Most of the exposition is delivered seamlessly in the classic rapid-fire back and forth between Lorelai and Rory.

We’re not sure if it’s been the full 9 years since the series officially ended, or if it’s only been a couple of years since Rory’s last visit to Stars Hollow. Either way, it’s been a long time. There is even some nice self-referential humor in this scene where Rory feels out of breath after just a short conversation with Lorelai.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be The Gilmore Girls without references, would it? In this opening scene we get a reference to Les Miserables (2012), Zoolander 2, and Batman VS Superman. These are very superficial references. But, there are also some wider cultural references that indicate just how much the world has changed since 2007.

Most of these references are to do with technology, and the rise of the hipsters.


Check out Luke’s Diner. Lousy with hipsters!


Luke is doing his best to stem the tide, but he might be fighting a losing battle. Still, we love him for it.


Another example of those wider cultural references comes-up at the Gilmore Girls’ house.

Luke is slightly put-out by the fact that the Gilmore Girls are eating tacos before the dinner that he has made for them. Lorelai jokingly hurls some PC buzz-words at him: “body-shaming, trigger warnings, war on Christmas!”

Stars Hollow is slowly changing with the times, but no one is stepping over anyone else to take it all too seriously. The world may have changed, but everything in this episode so far has shown us that the spirit of Stars Hollow has remained untouched–as if the power of Nenya has preserved that which Samwise Gamgee tactlessly referred to as “Elf Magic” when he spoke to Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien.


Someone in Stars Hollow must possess one of the Rings of Power because everyone in this episode looks thin..sort of stretched, like butter spread over too much bread.

Before we leave the streets of Stars Hollow, I just want to say that the exterior set-design is fantastic. Christmas lights, falling snow, neighborly vibes, no poor people. Classic Stars Hollow!


Rory is only in Stars Hollow for a single night, then she has to jet back across the Atlantic to London where she has a meeting set up with a prominent and highly unstable journalist and author named Naomi Shropshire.


Rory has been asked to write her biography, she is also leveraging her position with Naomi to get published in Vanity Fair. All in all, Rory seems to be living the dream. And yet, she does not seem to be fully satisfied with the road that she is on. Rory tells herself and anyone who will listen that she is happy to be living out of boxes and travelling here and there and wherever the story may lead. At her heart it seems that Rory wishes to settle down and take comfort in the simpler things–like the things being written about in the Stars Hollow Gazette.


Oh! And Rory is sleeping with Logan whenever she’s in London.


This is interesting because Rory has a boyfriend named Paul, and Logan is engaged to be wed.


Rory’s life is topsy turvy. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on Paul, except to say that the show did a great job in creating a totally forgettable and really really nice person named Paul. Paul is a lot like Marty. Remember Marty? Of course you don’t. That’s Marty for you!


Paul is Dean to Rory’s Jess. Paul is also Dean to Rory’s Logan. Paul is basically the stand-in who gets compared to whoever Rory becomes interested in later on.


It sucks to be Dean! I mean Paul!

Things aren’t a lot better with Lorelai. On the surface everything seems great, but as she later tells Rory:



Rory asks if this might have something to do with Richard’s passing.

Yes, my friends. Richard Gilmore is dead. Edward Herrmann passed away in 2014. If  Kelly Bishop had died then maybe this entire plot line in for the reunion would be scrapped! She’s still alive though, and things are not going well between Emily and Lorelai Gilmore.

In the scene where Rory and Lorelai chat and bring us all up to speed, Lorelai tells Rory about something that happened at Richard’s funeral.

And we get a flashback. At the start of the flashback the relationship between Emily and Lorelai seems to be really supportive and friendly. We can only assume that things had improved a lot between the two of them. But then something happens that brings them back to square 1, or as Lorelai says:


During the funeral reception Emily asked some of the guests to tell a story about Richard. Naturally, Lorelai makes an ass of herself.

I can’t understand her. I’ve really grown to like Lorelai over the course of this blog. I was hard on her at the beginning but as things went on I began to see things her way, especially with regard to her parents. But the fact that she can’t think of one good story about Richard is ridiculous.

What about the times you spent working in his office when he had started his own insurance company? Or how about the time when he had a heart attack and you visited him in the hospital? Or how about all the times when he gave you money for Rory’s school, Rory’s University, and the Independence Inn?

No? Okay, well then how about the time when he walked in on you having sex? Yes. That will do.


Emily becomes extremely cold towards Lorelai. She accuses Lorelai of having humiliated her and her father’s memory on purpose and in order to “get back” at them.

This is not true. It all comes down to the mother and daughter’s complete inability to communicate with one another. And the proposed solution to this failure to communicate becomes a main plot-point for both of them. That’s right. Lorelai and Emily finally go to see a psychiatrist. This is set up at the very end of this episode and I’m sure it’s going to lead to something zany.


Anyway. What else? Oh! Paris runs a eugenics institute called “Dynasty Makers.” Lorelai and Luke are exploring options for conceiving, and Paris insists that they should only get her best breeders.


I really liked this whole scene. It was funny and true to Paris’ character. This is how Claire Underwood would run a fertility and surrogacy clinic.

Also, Sookie is gone!


Michel says that Sookie abandoned them, but Lorelai maintains that Sookie is just taking a break to clear her head. In the mean-time Lorelai is being very horrible to all the replacement chefs. She fires this new guy on the spot and has the audacity to suggest that his cooking practices are unsafe and that he will burn the place down. Oh, like Sookie did? In almost every single season?!

And that’s about it you guys! I was honestly shocked to see all the actors that they manged to bring back for this. Not just the main ones, but a lot of the Stars Hollow cast. Caesar, Taylor, Babette and Gypsy are all back. Kirk features prominently in this episode also.

Oh shit! Lane and Zack! They’re still together and Hep Alien looks like it’s still going strong. Brian is there and so is that guy with the hair! They’re all the same, except that Zack looks a lot like the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman.


See you next Friday!