Okay party people, get ready because Lane and Zack are getting married. That’s right! Mrs. Kim has the whole family in the house and they’re prepping for the big day. Look! They’re making Kimchi!


There’s no way it would be done fermenting before the wedding, but at least they are doing something legitimately Korean.

Lorelai arrives to show Mrs. Kim and Lane the wedding dress that she helped fix-up for the wedding. Mrs. Kim entrusted it to Lorelai in the previous episode, and Lorelai threw coffee on it.


You see, Lorelai and Luke are having some relationship problems. Remember in the last episode, when Luke found out that he had a secret daughter? Luke eventually told Lorelai , and since then the two of them have been pretty distant with each other.

Anyway, somehow Lorelai managed to restore the dress and both Lane and Mrs. Kim are stoked on it. Well, Lane is. Mrs. Kim seems preoccupied. She tells Lorelai that she must come to the wedding with a man, otherwise people will think that she is a prostitute.

Rory and Lorelai both agree that they should invite Christopher. You remember Christopher right? He is Lorelai’s first love and Rory’s biological father. He was pretty much out of the picture entirely. But then Luke had a secret daughter.


Mrs. Kim has just found out that her mother is flying over from Korea to attend the wedding! That’s right; Lane’s grandmother, the Elder Mrs. Kim, is coming to Stars Hollow! We find out quickly that Elder Mrs. Kim is a Buddhist. Mrs. Kim and Lane need to replace crucifixes with statues of Buddha ASAP!

Why not..JPG

I always assumed that Mrs. Kim’s entire family was Christian. I mean, Korea’s Christian population has been growing rapidly since the 1990s, and while traditional Shamanic, Buddhist and Confucian rituals underlie much of SK’s spiritual practices, Christians account for more than 30 % of the population. It is reasonable to suppose that Lane’s grandmother would not be too offended by Christian iconography in her daughter’s American home.

What am I saying? Of course she’d be offended! Look at her!


Stern. Humorless. Typical Buddhist! In order to convince Elder Mrs. Kim that they are Buddhists, Mrs. Kim insists that Lane and Zack get married twice. One of the weddings will be a Buddhist ceremony, the other will be Christian ceremony.

Notice how the Christian priest is a much younger and more attractive, and less cartoonish Asian man? That’s not an accident.

Then, we get to the wedding reception!


Okay, that is really cool. Lane, Zack, congrats to you both. I wish you two nothing but happiness for all your remaining years.

Rory is flying solo to this party. Apparently, Logan is in Costa Rica doing something dangerous with the Life and Death Brigade. Nonetheless Rory, Lorelai, and Christopher seem to be having a really great time. Rory takes a picture of all of them sitting around a table. Then Christopher goes to get more drinks, and Lorelai asks to see the picture. As she’s scrolling through the shots she sees a picture of Luke’s secret daughter.

The sight of this picture acts as a reminder of her failed marriage prospects and prompts Lorelai to drink an a lot of tequila. The next thing Lorelai does is get up on stage and make an embarrassing “toast” to the fact that she is never going to get married. Lorelai’s care-takers, Rory and Christopher, escort her off the stage and back home.

After they return Rory gets a phone call telling her that Logan has been badly hurt and that he’s been airlifted to a hospital in New York because Costa Rica has no hospitals. Rory immediately goes off to see him, leaving Christopher alone with Lorelai.

Here he is watching her sleep.