Hey, Gilmore Girls fan. Let me ask you something: Do you like Luke Danes?



I do. And so does Lorelai.

Lorelai is very particular about the men who she dates and so there are also some qualities that make Luke a good match for her. Luke is dependable, sensible, loyal, outspoken, and he can be very charming in his own way. I think it’s fair to say that five seasons have been enough to have us all rooting for him and Lorelai!

But what if all of a sudden, the Luke Danes that we thought we knew was completely changed? What if over the last few episodes Luke started to show behavior that did not jibe with what we’ve all become used to? And what if I were to tell you that those changes were not natural and that someone has been pulling Luke’s strings so that his character starts to conform to a new and developing narrative? And what if the person writing that narrative does not know Luke in the same way that we do?!?! What if the person writing that narrative is a fool!?!!

It would be upsetting, wouldn’t it? Well, buckle up buckaroos! Because this is the episode where things really take a turn for the worse.


Rory comes home in this episode. You would think that the reunion between the Gilmore Girls would be the focus, but it’s not. No, what this episode is really about is in getting Lorelai and Rory’s drama squared away as quickly as possible so that we can get to the drama that we all really care about. Like how Luke has an estranged daughter.

Yes. Luke, it seems, has had a daughter this whole time! She only comes into the episode half-way through,and only after Lorelai and Luke resolve a fight that the two of them start having at the beginning.

What happened was this: Without consulting Lorelai, Luke re-modeled their bedroom (her bedroom) to make it a perfect replica of his grandmother’s old bedroom!

Why would Luke do this? Why would anyone in their right mind do this?!

Oh, sweet!

This is creepy. It is really creepy that Luke would want to do this. It is also entirely out of character that Luke would think that this is a good idea. No one would think that this is a good idea. It makes no sense. None of this makes any sense. Did I mention that Luke has a daughter? Here she is!


Her name is April.

April and her mother live extremely close to Stars Hollow and have never once contacted Luke. Apparently, the mother is totally fine with raising April–either by herself, or with another man. In other words, Luke has not been missed, and neither April or her mother have wanted Luke to have a bigger role in April’s life.  It is not immediately clear why this development should cause trouble for Luke and Lorelai.

I guess the plot requires it to! Why does the plot require it? Well because the main drama of this season is about to end and they needed something new. So the writers thought “how about Luke has a secret daughter?”

Rory spends the entire episode moving out of her Grandparents’ house, getting a job at a newspaper, and returning to Yale. All the time while she’s doing this, Lorelai has no idea what’s going on. It is only at the end when Lorelai finds out what has happened. She gets a telephone call from Rory. It goes like this:

“hey mom everything that happened since the end of season five has been undone and now we’re The Gilmore Girls again! Let’s embrace! Oh! And now that everything is perfect again, you should tell Luke so that you can finally get married, because everything will be fine now that we’re all together. Nothing can possibly spoil this happiness! Unless of course something completely unexpected were to happen in Luke’s life. But it would have to be really important and really out-of the blue. Like, if Luke were to have a secret daughter or something hahaha. Copper Boom!”