Rory has moved out of the pool house and in with the Elder Gilmores. Did she enjoy her time in the pool-house? You bet!


 Rory is feeling stifled. She tells Logan over the phone that she feels as though her Grandmother has the ability to be in multiple places at the same time–either that or there are actually multiple Emily’s “wandering the property like she’s a Cylon.”


Hi, Rory? I appreciate the reference, but it’s already been firmly established that there is only one Cylon on this show and his name is Christopher.


While we’re here, let me just say that Logan is not doing so well. The care-free Logan of last season is starting to feel the weight of responsibility which is being foisted on him by his father. One day Logan take over the family business and Logan feels that this summer will be his last. After that, his life is over. To cope with these feelings of existential angst Logan has started to drink a lot more.


Back in Stars Hollow Lorelai and Luke are renovating the Gilmore Girls’ house. Lorelai’s heart does not seem to be in it. After-all, this house is not really the Gilmore Girls’ house anymore. It’s the Gilmore/Danes house and it is becoming more and more foreign to Lorelai. All that’s left to do is to paint the place, and Lorelai is putting off deciding which colors to use. Her delaying tactics are played off as just the usual Lorelai-quirkiness, but it’s clear that she is distressed about what is happening. Paint will mark the final stage in the transition. Once it begins, there will be no turning back. If Rory is going to come back home, she’d better do it soon. But, what could possibly help Rory see the light? Oh I don’t know…how about



It’s Jess! What’s he doing here? Why has he returned? I don’t know, but before we find out we have to get through a sub-plot involving the dog, Paul Anka, and something to do with a Jr. School Girls Soccer Team. Luke takes a shine to the team, only to find out that the girls are absolute monsters. The Juxtaposition is what makes it funny!

And the dog.


 The opening scene of the episode ends when Lorelai asks the dog to choose a color. Dog work when the audience says, “oh, the dog is doing a thing that human beings would normally do.” That’s the joke.

The Music!


Well, we’ve already covered a lot of ground so let’s just cut straight to the fact that Jess is back and holly shit what’s he doing back?


He tells Rory that he’s in town on a bit of business, and that that’s actually one of the reasons he came to see her. Jess has written a book!


It’s a short novel that he is currently trying to get local bookstores to put on their shelves. Rory is so happy for him, but also a little bit sad. After all, she was supposed to be the one who was going places and accomplishing things, and Jess was supposed to have turned out just like his dead-beat father. Now, Jess has written a book and Rory has dropped out of Yale,

moved into her grandparents house,


and has been planning DAR events where she has to wear stupid dresses.

As Rory and Jess chat, it’s clear that Rory is uncomfortable telling Jess about what she’s been up to. Jess tells her that he’s been living in Philadelphia’s bohemian scene, working at a small independent publishing firm, and trying to get his own book sold. The two of them make plans to meet again the following evening.

Meanwhile, Lorelai is getting seriously concerned for her dog. He is not eating, and does not seem to be socializing well with other dogs. What’s more, Paul Anka seems to have an obsession with Rory’s bedroom. The door has been closed since Rory left, and the dog is always scratching on it and he sleeps in front of it. Lorelai says that the dog is depressed. Who cares?

It’s Jess!


The next evening Jess arrives at the appointed time and the two old friends talk about where they’d like to go eat. At that moment, Logan arrives in his Porsche. He has returned early from his business trip, and it’s clear that he does not like what he sees.


Jess is not intimidated. He fought in Mortal Kombat with Dean Forrester, and Logan’s Kung-fu is amateur at best. Nevertheless, Logan is making no effort to make Jess feel welcome, and the two of them spend their first meeting eye-balling each other while Rory makes nervous chit-chat.

Logan joins the two of them for dinner, and at the table he shows the worst side of himself we’ve yet to come across. Everything he says is meant to undermine Jess and assert his dominance over Rory.  Jess’s patience runs thin on the best of nights, and this is not the best of nights. He soon gets up to leave. Rory follows, and then receives a much needed appraisal of her life–Jess Mariano Style!


Then, guess what Jess does? He Leaves!

“My work is done here”

Peace Out Jess! See you at the Reunion!

And it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Look at Lorelai. She spent the whole night in Rory’s room, watching Paul Anka sleep on the bed.