Season 6 is starting now and we’re all only 10 days away from the reunion! Let’s get into it!

Rory has been living Lorelai’s worst nightmare. Even more troubling is the flair which Rory has shown in planning functions and fundraisers. So much so in fact that the other women in Emily’s social-club have encouraged Rory to take the lead on organizing an up-coming event.


This, my friends, is the DAR. Daughters of the American Revolution is comprised of women (mostly aged housewives) who can trace their ancestry back to the Nation’s founding fathers. Like I said, Rory is fitting in well and all of the DAR ladies seem to appreciate the fact that Emily has brought in some new blood–all except Emily who appears to be slightly troubled with Rory’s increased involvement. Why? Isn’t this what she always wanted?


While we’re on the subject of “new blood” it seems that Rory is having a lot of difficulty being accepted by Logan’s family (The Huntzbergers). Rory had attended a disastrous family dinner with the Huntzbergers, culminating with Logan’s mother, (whose name is Shira btw), telling Rory that she has not been properly “bred” for their world. When Lorelai raises this with the Elder Gilmores (who are on very good terms with the Huntzbergers) they deny that this could be the case and that there has been some sort of misunderstanding.

Perhaps the Elder Gilmore’s one redeeming quality is that they cannot believe that anyone would treat their beautiful and brilliant grand-daughter like that. She’s a Gilmore for Christ sake! Of course she’s been properly “bred”!

In this season, the Elder Gilmore’s love for Rory will come into conflict with the upper-crust world that they live in, and the path to reconciliation between The Elder and the Younger Gilmores will be opened.

But we’re not going to get to that right away because Lorelai and Luke go to dinner at Sookie and Jackson’s house. Sookie and Jackson have a child. This is where the show’s commentary on “Good Vs. Bad breeding” should be focused.

Sookie and Jackson.JPG

Also, I think Lorelai owns a dog that she has named Paul Anka. Didn’t she want to get a tatoo of Paul Anka? Wasn’t that a thing? Anyway, there’s a dog on the show now.

This whole dinner scene shows off Sookie and Jackson’s terrible parenting philosophy which is to yell instruction at their toddler so that he’ll learn to do things when asked to do them. It is pathetic and distressing.



Rory is planning the DAR event with her newly appointed staff. Logan calls her to say that he has secured a sound-system for her to use at the event. Then Paris arrives. Paris’ family has finally gone bankrupt and she cannot access her trust fund for another 4 years. Rory hires Paris as a server for the upcoming event.

When I was watching this episode, I thought that this new boss/employee dynamic between Paris and Rory might cause some tension in their relationship–especially since Rory is becoming more and more assertive in her role as “architect” for the up-coming event. But no. Paris is just there for LOLs–mostly at the expense of Communism.

Why not?

That evening Rory is eating dinner with the Elder Gilmores, and Richard is holding forth on a literary topic. Usually Rory would be engaged in this subject and the two of them would have an enjoyable discussion. However, tonight Rory is distracted by her cell-phone. The DAR event is coming along gangbusters . Rory enthusiastically tells the Elder Gilmores that all the tables are booked and that they are actually turning people away. I guess I was just imagining that the Elder Gilmores would be concerned about Rory’s new-found love for organizing DAR bullshit, because both of them are stoked!

The two main set-pieces of this episode are absent until the half-way mark. Rory’s event is obviously the main one, but there’s also an event happening in Stars Hollow at the same time. It’s Mrs. Patty’s dance class recital!

Hey! It’s the piano player from Glee!

Onto the main event! I’ve noticed that Rory has a thing for 1940’s culture, and her style is all over this shin-dig.


Everyone is having a great time, but then Rory’s bubble gets burst by the arrival of Mrs. Huntzberger and two of her pals.


Rory is furious. First of all, she hates this woman and her husband. Second of all, she hates the fact that they did not RSVP.


She pulls herself together and graciously welcomes Logan’s mother and her two “bim” friends. They are seated everything seems to be in order. However, the table that Rory has seated Shira at is, according to Emily, “the loser table.” Emily tells Rory that she must put them somewhere better. That’s the way things are in this world, Rory.


Back to Stars Hollow. I was going to write off everything about Mrs. Patty’s recital. I was going to keep counting the minutes and make a snide comment about the X number of minutes that I had to count. But then something happens that reminds me why I like “The Gilmore Girls”

Kirk does an interpretive dance set to the music ,”Koyaanisqatsi”.

Kirk’s dance is twisted, and I love that it happened! It is also an interesting choice of music because Koyaanisqatsi  means, “an unbalanced life.” The Gilmore Girls are still not on speaking terms with one another. Koyaanisqatsi.

Back at the DAR event Richard Gilmore confronts Mr. Logan’s dad (whose name is Mitchum btw) in the bathroom. This is the first time he’s had opportunity to bring up some of the things that Lorelai has been saying about him, and he soon finds out that everything she has been saying is true. What’s more, Richard discovers that it was Mitchum who had told Rory that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist. Not only is Richard furious, but now he knows the truth and that Lorelai has been right this whole time.


At the end of the episode we see Richard standing at the back of the room. He watches on as his granddaughter addresses the crowd. Everyone applauds her for her success in organizing such a wonderful  event, and the distress on Richard’s face is painful.

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