A lot has happened since Lorelai and Luke’s break up. For one thing, the two of them are still split up in Episode 22. Another thing is that RORY HAS BEEN ARRESTED

The Music!


We first join Lorelai at the police station where we soon learn that Rory and Logan had stolen a yacht. Rory Gilmore stole a yacht. Interestingly, watching this episode without seeing Episode 21 helps us empathize with Lorelai all the more. Like her, we just want to know what Rory has done and what has caused her to do it. Rory keeps her lips tight about everything while they’re at the station and the Gilmore Girls leave.

Man, that must have been a long drive back to Stars Hollow. The first thing that Lorelai asks Rory is “what’s on your hands?” Rory’s hand are smeared with the black ink that was used when her fingerprints were taken. Lorelai’s efforts to process the fact that her daughter has been arrested, is facing a court-date, and has her hands smeared with the ink that was used to put Rory “in the system” sends her spiraling into a panic. She goes into Luke’s Diner to get food for her and Rory and starts to make a to-do list.

Lorelai returns to the car, and she finally asks the question we’ve all been waiting for: “Rory, what happened tonight?”


Rory tells Lorelai everything. Apparently, Rory had a meeting with Logan’s father who is the head publisher of a nation-wide newspaper. In this meeting Logan’s father told her that, one day, she will make a great assistant, but that she does not have what it takes to be a journalist. Feeling that everything that she had been working toward had all been for nothing, Rory felt the need to do something rebellious. She crashed a party that Logan was attending with his family and dragged him away. Then the two of them stole a yacht. As you do.

What is most troubling about this story is the fact that Rory seems to have believed what Logan’s father told her. Lorelai picks up on this right away and tells Rory that Logan’s father (whose name is Mitchum Huntzberger btw) is wrong, “He’s not a God. He didn’t invent journalism, he’s just a guy with a really good parking space.”

Then the two of them drive away just before being towed away by Kirk and Taylor. Oh yeah. Stars Hollow is hosting a bike race and Taylor is clearing the streets for the big event that is scheduled for the next morning. So that’s happening in the background.


The next morning Rory returns to Yale where she has one final exam to write before the summer. When Rory leaves the house the telephone rings. Lorelai answers and it’s Logan.


One thing which Rory had made clear during their conversation was that this whole thing was her’s, and not Logan’s idea. This softens Lorelai’s opinion of Logan, but only in so far as she doesn’t yell or threaten to kill him.

Logan takes the hint, and it is during this conversation with Lorelai that he finds out about what his father had told Rory to make her act so recklessly. And so, when Rory returns to her dorm room she finds Logan waiting for her. He rages at his father, and at himself for not picking up on the weird vibes that Rory was giving off. Really? You didn’t think anything might be out of place when Rory Gilmore expressed her willingness to steal a yacht?

Logan…are you turning into Sookie?

The key to this interaction is that Logan never once tells Rory that his father was wrong. Sure, he tells Rory that his father is an inconsiderate ass-hole, but he never says that he was wrong, and Rory notices.

And then there’s more of the Lane subplot. As I write this I am sitting with my roommate and sworn enemy, Katie Melanson. Katie makes a great point:

“This is when I started to hate Lane. Why is she even in the show? Everything in her story line is about rock and roll ‘that’s rock and roll / that’s not rock and roll’. It’s embarrassing! You know what isn’t Rock and Roll? Talking about what Rock and Roll is and isn’t!”


While this is all happening there’s a short scene with Rory in her exam room. It’s not usual for “The Gilmore Girls” to have a scene like this: with a Gilmore Girl who isn’t saying anything. The only other time where we encountered a scene like this was in Season 2 Episode 4: The dreadful “Road-Trip to Harvard.” In that scene it was Lorelai who was alone with her thoughts. Without having anyone to express those thoughts to, we the audience were left in suspense; wondering what the Gilmore Girl is thinking. This scene preceded a major life decision on the part of Lorelai. What will it mean for Rory?

But First


God Damn it!


Lane tells her mother that she is quitting the band and would like to move back home. Lane thinks that Mrs. Kim will be stoked on this idea, but instead she gets angry. Mrs. Kim tells Lane that she did not raise her to be a quitter just because of whatever bullshit is happening with her band. People from the Orient are famously unpredictable and wise.


The Gilmore Girls meet at a restaurant patio for a celebratory lunch. Rory has finished another year at Yale! The conversation they have is classic “Gilmore Girls.” But it’s the last ray of sunshine before the coming of a long night.

Rory tells Lorelai that she will not return to Yale in the Fall. She has dropped out.


This is it, my friends. Since the series began Rory and Lorelai have had disagreements but there has always been a solid foundation for the two of them to land on. Here at the end of season five that foundation has sustained critical damage. The tectonic friction caused by Rory’s increased appreciation for Emily and Richard’s has been sending mild tremors to the surface and in this moment finally splits their worlds apart.

In the aftermath, the Gilmore Girls separately seek help and guidance from The Elder Gilmores. Lorelai gets to them first. She brings them up to speed and both Richard and Emily are understandably shocked. They tell Lorelai that they will support her. 100%. Rory visits them next. Lorelai has left. Rory beseeches the Elder Gilmores to help her. They tell her that they will help her. 100%.

Now we see their true colors.


Lorelai arrives for Family Dinner. She is expecting a united front. What she receives instead is a devastating attack onto her now exposed flank. The Elder Gilmores have sided with Rory. They tell Lorelai that Rory will live with them, and that she will work at a suitable job which will be arranged through their family connections. Richard then tells Lorelai that they (meaning him and Emily) will determine whether or not Rory will return to Yale once enough time has passed.

Lorelai has been out-maneuvered. Richard and Emily’s plan has finally come to fruition. As Lorelai leaves the house she sees that Rory is already in the process of moving into the pool house. Their eyes meet, and they go their separate ways.

The Gilmore Girls

Lorelai returns to Stars Hollow. She goes to the only person who is still on her side. Luke. Luke tells her that, together, they will do whatever it takes to get Rory back. The episode and the season end when Lorelai asks Luke to marry her.