Rory and Logan are in a no-strings-attached relationship. Lorelai and Luke are not speaking.

It’s all falling into place!

We pick up right where the last episode ended.


So, what do we do now? Where do we go?

The Music.


Well, first Lorelai goes to try and find Luke. A taxi takes her to the diner, but Luke is not inside. Instead it’s just Caesar, Luke’s Latin American employee.


Lorelai finds Caesar eating at the counter and listening to music–“Tequila” by the Champs (typical). Caesar assures Lorelai that he is on his break and is not being paid to sit around. Lorelai leaves and Caesar can be seen resuming his “break” which I am sure will include a siesta.

Lorelai calls Luke on her cell-phone but there’s no answer. Just before she makes the call though she runs into Babette. Babette deduces that Lorelai and Luke have had a fight and have split up. Apart from being sad for Lorelai, Babette expresses her concern over what Taylor Doosey’s reaction to this break-up will be. Apparently Taylor has been making contingency plans for a Luke and Lorelai break-up.

Taylor has made hundreds of blue or pink ribbons. Blue ribbons for any citizen that wants to show solidarity with Luke, pink for Lorelai. Taylor hopes that by doing this, supporters of Luke or Lorelai will be able to identify one another. That way everyone can avoid confrontation. So that’s the sub-plot of this episode. At least it doesn’t involve Lane this time.


Lorelai wanders the empty streets of Stars Hollow, searching for Luke. As she passes the movie theater she sees Kirk who is breaking a sweat on Dance Dance Revolution. Kirk tells Lorelai that Luke is inside.

There he is in the front row, sitting alone on the same big couch that the Gilmore Girls always take.


Lorelai asks what he’s watching, and Luke says, “something stupid.” It’s an old black and white film about a man who courts a woman of high society and who has difficulty being accepted into her world. Lorelai tries to whisper her feelings to Luke, but he is a stone wall. A lot gets communicated in their facial expressions, and both actors do a great job in conveying their feelings of anxiety and sadness. Luke gives Lorelai a reassuring smile, but it disappears the moment she gets up and leaves.

The next morning she’s at work and it looks like The Dragon Fly Inn, and Sookie is prepping lunch.


I just want to point out that the props department in this show is on-point with those stuffed peppers. Look at the stuffed peppers! There’s no way they are real, right? There must be an award for excellence in prop design. If Gilmore Girls didn’t win one, then what show beat that?!

Lorelai brings Sookie up to speed on her situation with Luke. Lorelai has the horrible sense that she has done something to ruin what was perhaps the best relationship she has ever had and her last hope at being married. She feels that this sense of having had a trap door being opened up under her feet will only go away after she “fixes” the situation.

We’ve all been there, and I feel for you—is what Sookie says. Not me. I have never had this feeling! As someone who is known for being an unshakable man-about-town, I can only imagine what Lorelai is going through.


Sookie tries her best to soothe Lorelai by telling her a story which is meant to cheer her up. The story is about two people who were meant for each other but then went their separate ways only to find each other again 40 years later. This is a horribly depressing story. Lorelai tells Sookie that she doesn’t want to wait 40 years. She wants to build a life with Luke now, and that she needs to talk to him and make him understand. Sookie then tells another story that she has obviously made up on the spot about a couple who did exactly what Lorelai wants to do.

Sookie. Shut the fuck up! Get back to stuffing peppers!


We join Rory and Paris in the Yale Meal-Hall where the two of them are discussing their own relationship problems. You see, neither of them feels that they were properly socialized to be able to navigate the murky waters of “casual dating”. Paris tries to get a grip by saying, “we’re the children of Emma Goldman and Hillary Clinton, we’re better than this.”

I wonder if Hillary Clinton has ever seen this show? Maybe she’s watching it right now? It’s possible. Her children were nearly vindicated today, and I’m just going to say that Emma Goldman would have kicked the new president’s ass no matter who it turned out to be.


Anyway, Rory and Paris both seek relationship advice from two girls who they feel have been properly socialized. Paris calls them “knock-headed bimbos”.

Althea and Janet.JPG

If Paris and Rory are the daughters of Emma Goldman and Hillary Clinton, then who are Althea and Janet supposed to be related to?

The two of them give Paris some advise on how to handle her boy problem. Who cares? Then they tell Rory that Logan might feel that Rory is “too much drama” and this might be why he hasn’t called her since. They advise Rory to call him to see if he wants to hang out..”keep it casual and look hot.” Doing this might put Rory back into a position where she and Logan will be able to Netflix and Chill

Meanwhile in Stars Hollow, Lorelai is noticing the blue and pink ribbons when  she catches a fleeting glimpse of Luke. She follows him into Doosey’s market. She frantically starts unloading everything onto Luke–her explanation for what had happened at the wedding, her hatred toward Emily, her apathy toward Christopher and her total devotion and love for Luke. However, Luke cannot shake the feeling that Emily and Christopher will always be apart of Lorelai’s life, and that the world that Lorelai comes from is not his own.

And then Luke tells Lorelau that it’s over.



That evening at Yale Rory calls Logan, real casual-like. She asks him if he wants to “hang out.” Like, you know, whatever. Logan says sure and that she should come over. She arrives and Logan is hosting a casual gathering, which was not the kind of casual that Rory had in mind. The boys play poker all night while some knock-headed bimbos linger around the room. Logan is mindful of Rory and does his best to make her feel comfortable. And when Rory wakes up on the couch the next morning to a phone call from Sookie telling her to get home ASAP Logan jumps into action, calling over “his driver” to take her to Stars Hollow.

Lorelai is a wreck. She has not gone to work and is in bed, wallowing–which is exactly what she suggested that Rory do when she and Dean broke up in Season 1. But when that happened, Rory had Lorelai to help her through the wallowing process. Wallowing without a pal is just full-on despair, and that’s where we find Lorelai.


Rory comes to the rescue in Logan’s limousine. She tells Lorelai that she’s going to stay with her until the worst is over.

Rory and Lane take Logan’s limo into town to get some wallowing supplies. During this trip Rory goes into Doosey’s market and takes away all the ribbons that he’s handing out. Rory is showing a lot of moxie here.


At this time, Lorelai is still in bed and we get treated to a very surreal dream sequence. In the dream she is walking downstairs into the living room. There’s nothing to suggest that this is a dream except for the fact that there seems to be a slight mist in the living room air. And then we see the film projector.


The effect is spooky. We really get an other-worldly vibe which is amplified by all the theater goers staring at a screen with blank faces. In the front of them and sitting on the couch is Luke. Lorelai asks him what he’s watching–“something stupid.” It’s a black and white film featuring Luke and Lorelai. On-screen Luke repeats something that he had said during his and Lorelai’s first date “this thing we’re doing here, I want you to know that I’m in. I’m all in.”

On-screen Lorelai just stares back at him expressionless. Watching this Lorelai implores her on-screen self to “say something. Say something!”


and then she wakes up.

After Rory has set up the perfect circumstances for wallowing and Lorelai has had some rest, Lorelai tells Rory that she’ll be fine and that she should return to Yale. Left alone in her room Lorelai picks up the telephone and leaves a long message on Luke’s answering machine. She regrets sending immediately and panics. She actually goes to Luke’s apartment and steals the message tape. Luke wasn’t home when she did this because he had already gotten the message and had sped over to Lorelai’s house. The two of them talk and while they do not get back together they both tell one another that they’ll be there for each other. At the same time though, we can tell that neither of them are satisfied with the way things are.

How long will it take for the two of them to get back together? Find out here on Gilmore Girls Reviewed! Or just watch it yourself. Like, you know, whatever.